It mainly manufactures kinds of Scrap Metal Baler, Shear, Scrap Metal Shredder, Waste Automobile Dismantling Equipment, Non-metal Baler, Compactor and the Complete Production Line of Household Garbage. The products are used in the National Circular Economy Park, National Urban Renewable Resource Base, Steel and Nonferrous Metal enterprise, Waste Steel Processing Center (Base) and Household Garbage Processing Center.

All employees participate in the whole process in an all-round way, with a full range of full product coverage

Guiding ideology: In order to improve the company's product quality, comprehensively improve the quality of employees, and strengthen quality awareness, around the theme of "full participation of all employees in all processes and comprehensive coverage of all series of products", taking the national quality month as an opportunity, within the scope of the company Try to create a good quality atmosphere of "Everyone knows, everyone values, everyone participates, everyone acts". Extend the good practices in the "Quality Month" activities to all aspects of production, operation and management, and form a long-term mechanism to comprehensively promote the company's development.

Strengthen organizational leadership

       In order to ensure the healthy and orderly development of this special quality rectification work, it was decided to establish the "Quality Month" activity group after research, with Hu Pinlong as the leader of the leading group, Xu Yufeng as the leader of the publicity team and training team, and Hu Honglei as the leader of the supervision team , A quality management system has been established from top to bottom, and the responsibilities for the activities have been clearly defined and managed step by step to ensure that the work achieves the expected results

       Quality Month kick-off meeting

       On September 2, the company held the "Quality Month" kick-off meeting, general manager Hu Pinlong, technical deputy general manager Huang Jiansheng, production deputy general manager Lu Kaike, director of after-sales service center Chen Hong, and related departments of technology, quality, production and personnel administration A total of leaders attended the meeting. The meeting was chaired by Hu Honglei, Vice Minister of Quality Inspection Department, and Gao Changhua, Vice Minister of Quality Management Department, promulgated and implemented the quality month activity plan.

       Huang Yansheng, vice president of technology

       Product quality is the life of an enterprise, and product quality determines its future. Only when the product quality is improved can the true technical strength and manufacturing capabilities of Huahong Technology be truly reflected, can the company's position be at the leading position in the country, and can it strive to surpass the international level.

       First, we must first prevent the occurrence of quality accidents;

       Second, we must strengthen the responsibilities and powers of the company's quality center, strengthen the position of technical documents and process documents, and resolutely stop the "capable" manufacturing mode of manufacturing without plans and transformation with plans;

       3. It is necessary to establish a system where unqualified products cannot be transferred to the next process. The manufacturing department does not have the right to modify and adopt unqualified products without authorization, and the right to accept concessions of unqualified products lies in the technical and process departments;

       Fourth, the process must design and improve the process equipment to improve production efficiency, and use the company's strong machining capabilities to produce high-quality products;

       5. Establishing a maintenance system for processing equipment to ensure that the equipment is in good condition is the prerequisite for ensuring manufacturing quality;

       Sixth, quality improvement and control must be persistent.

Production Deputy Chief Road Division:

       Product quality is produced, not tested. Only in strict accordance with the production process and operation instructions in the production process can the quality of the product be guaranteed. To comprehensively control product quality, the following must be achieved:

       1. Establish a strong sense of quality;

       1. Quality is the consciousness of the lifeblood of an enterprise. All employees must realize that: if the quality of the product is not good, there will be no market for the product, and the enterprise will lose its profit source. After a long time, the enterprise will go bankrupt. .

       2. To establish a customer awareness of quality, everything is customer-centric, consider yourself as a customer, as an operator of the next process, and as a consumer of products. In this way, the work will be done consciously and the quality of the product will be guaranteed.

       3. Establish a quality prevention awareness. If you rely solely on a large number of inspection labor in the later period to check, instead of controlling from the source, the cost of the product will be greatly increased.

       4. Establish a sense of quality procedures, the work between the various departments of the company is orderly and effective, which requires all quality management personnel and operators to strictly follow the procedures, otherwise the chance of errors will increase and the quality of the product There is no guarantee.

       In addition, we must establish a sense of responsibility, continuous improvement, and cost awareness.

       Second, we must strictly abide by the technical requirements and standards

       Standards are the benchmarks for production and are verified by the industry or enterprises. Now that there are clear regulations, it is necessary for the personnel in all links to strictly abide by them.

       3. Quality management is inseparable from data

       Everyone's one-time inspection pass rate, re-inspection rate, after-sale failure rate, etc., are important materials for quality management. Statistics, analysis and application of quality data is also an important task of quality management. I hope that the quality department and the production department will use real and effective data to show the priority of quality problems and reflect our quality cost.

       General Manager Hu Pinlong

       Without quality, there is no market, without quality there is no benefit, and without quality there is no development. Quality is the last word! Therefore, we must do the following three points:

       1. It is necessary to improve the quality awareness of all employees; quality is the foundation of everything. Without quality, the so-called brand, development and competition will be empty words. Especially now, under the circumstance of fierce market competition, we Huahong people should pay more attention to product quality and win by quality.

       2. Decompose the quality responsibility well and do the job strictly in accordance with the requirements of the job description;

       3. The company's quality center is responsible for the entire process of product quality control. It is the company's highest quality authority. It hopes that all departments and workshops will cooperate to carry out work in accordance with the requirements of the quality system.

       Let's clarify our functions together, each in his place, performing his own duties, and fulfilling his responsibilities, putting the "heart" of quality into "action", and harvesting the results of "upgrading quality"!

       Quality Month Training Series

       According to the actual work needs, the company carried out various quality training activities, set off a climax of learning, so that employees further establish a quality concept, enhance quality awareness, and improve the quality management level.

Serial number

Training content (should be informed)


training period

Training Location

Training leader


Welding standard training

Workshop director, team leader, craftsman, riveting and welding inspector

September 3, 2019

1:00 pm-3: 00 pm

After-sales meeting room on the fourth floor


Huang Nansheng


Quality basic knowledge and quality awareness

All staff of Quality Center

August 11, 2019

Sunday 9: 00-11: 00

Meeting room on the first floor

Gao Changhua (


Welding standard training

Welding personnel related to metalworking, general one, general two, comprehensive, heavy, riveting and welding

Each workshop organizes itself (complete before September 7, 2019)

Each workshop organizes itself

Hu Yonggang, Gu Chengkang, Wu Rong, Qian Guokai, Zhu Liqing, Zhang Yimin


General assembly and knowledge training

General Manager 1, General Manager 2, Heavy Workshop Director and Team Leader

September 8, 2019

9: 00-11: 00 am

After-sales meeting room on the fourth floor

Shen Yuxing


Basic knowledge training of machining

Metalworking workshop director and team leader, craftsman of craft department

September 5, 2019

1:00 pm-3: 00 pm

After-sales meeting room on the fourth floor

Sun Xijian


Basic knowledge training for electricians

All electricians

September 6, 2019

1:00 pm-2: 30 pm

After-sales meeting room on the fourth floor

Yu Bo / Hu Zhongliang


Quality awareness and quality management system

Workshop director, team leader

September 6, 2019

2: 30-4: 30 pm

After-sales meeting room on the fourth floor

Gao Changhua

       Quality Month Special Meeting

       During the quality month, the company held a series of special meetings to analyze the causes of the problems, discuss the solutions to the problems, and arrange time points for improvement in response to customer feedback, manufacturing process feedback, and after-sales installation problems. Excellent quality is delivered to customers, leading the development of the enterprise with the brand.

       Call for proposals for rationalization of quality month

       The company has been encouraging employees to make more reasonable suggestions through a series of activities such as the "Three Awards" and "Reasonable Recommendation Awards". When the Quality Month was launched, it once again sent out opinions for rational suggestions to all employees. The proposal gave a material reward.

       This quality month activity has significantly improved the quality of the company. I hope that the workshops will maintain the current good situation and work tirelessly to form a good atmosphere of monthly quality, daily quality, and establish the company's quality reputation brand. , In an invincible position in the market.