It mainly manufactures kinds of Scrap Metal Baler, Shear, Scrap Metal Shredder, Waste Automobile Dismantling Equipment, Non-metal Baler, Compactor and the Complete Production Line of Household Garbage. The products are used in the National Circular Economy Park, National Urban Renewable Resource Base, Steel and Nonferrous Metal enterprise, Waste Steel Processing Center (Base) and Household Garbage Processing Center.

Micro News|Huahong Science and Technology organized the inspector knowledge and process training


On the morning of August 22, the quality inspection center of Hua Hong Technology held the inspector knowledge and workflow training in the conference room on the sixth floor of the company's engineering technology center. General Manager Hu Pinlong, Minister of Personnel and Administration Xu Yufeng, Minister of Quality Department Hu Honglei, Minister of NAXIN Process Quality Department Sun Xijian and Deputy Minister Gao Changhua, and all inspectors of Huahong Technology attended the training.


                                                                                                             General Manager Hu Pinlong

General manager Hu Pinlong attached great importance to the training of quality inspectors. He derived the relevant national quality laws and regulations to the inspection standards of the machinery industry, combined with the actual situation of our company's inspector positions, and pointed out the relevant matters that our company needs to pay attention to when doing product inspection.

The general manager also put forward several requirements for the inspector position, one is to master the company's product standards, quality standards and requirements for parts inspection; second, to master the inspection rules and methods, to understand the use of each part and inspection methods; third, the inspector should have a high degree of responsibility and commitment, to adhere to the principles, not afraid to offend, but also to improve personal qualities and skills level. An excellent inspector is also a good quality propagandist, production supervisor, technical instructor.


                                                                                                Hu Honglei, Director of Quality Department

Hu Honglei, the minister of quality department, pointed out that the competition of the enterprise is the product, and the competitiveness of the product is mainly reflected in the quality, process control, system control, and the gold cup and silver cup is not as good as the customer's reputation.

Minister Hu vividly showed the purpose of the inspector training through illustrated PPT: 1, the inspector's understanding of the inspection position; 2, to strengthen the understanding of the company's quality policy objectives; 3, to standardize the inspection and acceptance standards of each link; 4, to master the inspection process and rules; 5, to strengthen collaboration to enhance quality control capabilities.

Through this systematic training of inspectors' knowledge and workflow, the inspectors have become clearer about the quality inspection standards and more striving for excellence in quality, which has laid a good foundation for the company to establish a more perfect quality inspection management system.