It mainly manufactures kinds of Scrap Metal Baler, Shear, Scrap Metal Shredder, Waste Automobile Dismantling Equipment, Non-metal Baler, Compactor and the Complete Production Line of Household Garbage. The products are used in the National Circular Economy Park, National Urban Renewable Resource Base, Steel and Nonferrous Metal enterprise, Waste Steel Processing Center (Base) and Household Garbage Processing Center.

Micro News|Huahong Science and Technology and Ouye Chain Gold signed a strategic cooperation agreement


Recently, Huahong Technology and Ouye Chain Gold Recycling Resources Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Maanshan City. President Yan Duiqun, Senior Vice President Tao Wei, Director of Technology R&D Center Li Yong of Ouye Chain Gold, Chairman Hu Shiyong, General Manager Hu Pinlong, Vice General Manager of Finance and Secretary Zhu Dayong, Vice General Manager of Sales Chen Fangming attended the event and witnessed the signing of the agreement.


Ltd. is a first-class subsidiary of China Baowu Iron & Steel Group Co., Ltd. and belongs to the important pillar industry of resources and environment in "one base and five elements" of China Baowu. Through the comprehensive integration of scrap metal resources, auto dismantling, ship dismantling, scrap steel recycling, processing, warehousing, distribution base and international trade business of scrap steel in the steel production base of China Baowu, Ouye Chain Gold is committed to become the leader and standard setter of global metal recycling resources industry.


Before the signing ceremony, Chairman Hu Shiyong and his party, accompanied by President Yan Jiqun, visited Ouye Chain Gold Masteel Chengxing Base and Ouye Chain Gold Intelligent Central Control Center, and both sides also had an in-depth communication and exchange on the development of their respective industries.


The signing of strategic cooperation agreement with Ouye Chain Gold, the two sides aim to carry out deep strategic cooperation in the fields of wisdom manufacturing of scrap iron and steel, equipment upgrading of processing bases, auto dismantling, research and development and manufacturing of advanced processing equipment, etc., using the strategic advantages of both sides to achieve resource sharing, mutual benefit and win-win, and jointly promote the standardization, efficiency, green and low-carbon development of scrap iron and steel industry.

The agreement specifies that Ouye Chain Gold will use its own important strategic resources to provide strategic level support to Huahong Technology in terms of technological innovation, upstream and downstream ecological synergy, etc. Meanwhile, it will  Huahong Technology's advantageous products in accordance with market-oriented principles to boost Huahong Technology's overall improvement in technology, brand and market scale. Huahong Technology promises to provide Ouye Chain Gold with more high-quality products and professional and efficient technical services, help Ouye Chain Gold industry upgrade its technology, and jointly promote the high-quality development of the industry.