It mainly manufactures kinds of Scrap Metal Baler, Shear, Scrap Metal Shredder, Waste Automobile Dismantling Equipment, Non-metal Baler, Compactor and the Complete Production Line of Household Garbage. The products are used in the National Circular Economy Park, National Urban Renewable Resource Base, Steel and Nonferrous Metal enterprise, Waste Steel Processing Center (Base) and Household Garbage Processing Center.

Xia Yan, President of Wuxi Women's Federation, and his delegation visited Huahong Technology for research and study

On January 22nd, Xia Zao, Secretary of Party Group and President of Wuxi Women's Federation, Zhu Fang, Vice President of Wuxi Women's Federation, Tan Yuqin, Secretary of Party Branch of Women's Enterprises Association, and Wang Aihong, Minister of Women's Development Department, and their entourage came to Huahong Science and Technology for research and visit. Wang Fu, secretary of party group and president of Jiangyin Women's Federation, Gu Chunyu, secretary of party committee of Zhouzhuang Town, and Yu Xiaoping, vice president of municipal Women's Federation accompanied the research.


Ltd. is a key high-tech enterprise of Torch Plan specializing in manufacturing renewable resources processing equipment, and is also the vice-chairman unit of Wuxi Women Entrepreneurs Association and vice-chairman unit of Jiangyin Women Entrepreneurs Association.


Winter has arrived, but it is as warm as ever. Wuxi Women's Federation, Wuxi Women Entrepreneurs Association brought a "warm winter gift package" for the staff fighting in the position of the front line to pass the winter care and love. In the intelligent workshop, Hu Pinxian, Chairman of the Board of Directors for the research group introduced in detail the production and sales of Huahong Technology. The research group praised the efforts of Huahong Technology to become a professional manufacturer of renewable resources processing equipment and comprehensive service provider to serve the global market.