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Huahong Technology holds 2020 fire drill


On the afternoon of June 24, 2020, Jiangsu Huahong Technology Co., Ltd. conducted a fire emergency drill in the square on the west side of the metalworking workshop. Hu Liufang, director of Huahong Village, Zhao Xinjian, director of the group security department, heads of brothers, and general manager of the company Hu Pinlong , Department leaders and front-line employees participated in the fire drill.

Before the drill

1.      Speech by Deputy Commander Lu Kaike


Mr. Lu extended a warm welcome to everyone who participated in the event and wished the fire drill a complete success!


Mr. Lu said that this is a lively practical teaching. We will teach you all kinds of emergency evacuation and escape skills, the correct use of various fire-fighting equipment, in order to further strengthen fire safety publicity, effectively improve the fire safety knowledge of the majority of employees, and enhance Employees’ awareness of fire safety, improve everyone’s self-defense, self-rescue and mutual rescue capabilities, and at the same time test the compliance and effectiveness of the company’s relevant emergency plans, better improve our company’s emergency rescue plans, enhance departmental coordination capabilities, and enrich the company’s rescue equipment and power.


Through exercises, we are reminded that we must raise our awareness of safety precautions in our daily work and life, pay attention to the safety of fire and electricity, and prevent accidents such as electric shock and gas poisoning. I hope that all employees can take this event as an opportunity to further improve our company’s fire safety work, eliminate all potential safety hazards in the bud, take effective measures to prevent all fire accidents, and truly achieve " Take precautions before they happen"! Here, on behalf of the company, I call on all employees to actively participate in fire safety work, jointly create a good working environment, and strive to build our company into a "safe enterprise"!

2.      Director Zhao Xinjian of the Security Department of the Group Corporation gave instructions before the drill


Minister Zhao said that in order to respond to the requirements of the country and group companies, Huahong Technology Co., Ltd. does a good job of fire safety and strengthens the company's emergency self-rescue ability. Today, the fire escape self-rescue drill is conducted here. The purpose is that when an emergency occurs, employees are Evacuate and escape quickly, orderly and safely under the leadership of the commander-in-chief and rescuers. This is an important means for the company to conduct safety education and training. In the future, we will continue to hold such trainings. Employees are invited to participate seriously and experience them with heart to continuously improve our self-help ability.


Safety in production must be at the top of work at all times and become the top priority of work. In the future work, we must adhere to the safety production policy of "safety first, prevention first, and comprehensive management" to ensure the normal operation of safety production. Today, we are conducting emergency fire drills, which are an important part of the company’s safety production work. We hope that every comrade participating in the drills will take a rigorous and pragmatic attitude, treat them seriously, practice seriously, and truly draw them out and be reliable. Safe production of the enterprise and the safety of employees' lives and property are escorted, and we strive for the smooth realization of various goals.

3.      The fire brigade officer gives instructions before the drill


4.      The general manager announced the official start of the exercise



During the exercise

1.      Emergency evacuation



2.      The use of fire extinguishers and actual fire fighting drills



3.      Quick retractable connection of fire hose and actual fire-fighting exercise





After the drill

The general manager made a final summary of the fire drill


The general manager said that Huahong Technology Company held a fire safety drill with the theme of "eliminating hidden accidents and strengthening safety lines". The fire emergency drill has improved the company's emergency response capabilities and employees' self-protection awareness. In the event of a fire, employees can take correct measures to help themselves, each other, evacuate, evacuate, and extinguish the fire in an orderly and safe manner, so as to minimize casualties.


This fire drill activity mainly embodies three characteristics: one is that the company leaders at all levels attach great importance to it and command is effective; the other is the close coordination and cooperation of various departments, and the preparation work is meticulous and sufficient; the third is that the drill plan is formulated in advance and repeated deliberation to ensure the drill Work is foolproof. The leaders participating in the observation unanimously agreed that the exercise was fully prepared, well-organized, accurate in place, and the expected results were achieved. The exercise was a complete success. Through this drill and training, we hope that the majority of employees will always establish fire safety awareness, keep the alarm bells ringing, and take preventive measur