It mainly manufactures kinds of Scrap Metal Baler, Shear, Scrap Metal Shredder, Waste Automobile Dismantling Equipment, Non-metal Baler, Compactor and the Complete Production Line of Household Garbage. The products are used in the National Circular Economy Park, National Urban Renewable Resource Base, Steel and Nonferrous Metal enterprise, Waste Steel Processing Center (Base) and Household Garbage Processing Center.

Micro News|I'll wait for you in the book--Huahong Technology held the reading sharing meeting of "The Dry Law

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In the afternoon of May 26, 2021, Hua Hong Technology held a reading sharing meeting of "The Way of Doing" in the conference room on the sixth floor of the company. General manager Hu Pinlong, and a total of more than thirty participants related to the middle-level capacity improvement activities of Hua Hong Technology attended the meeting.

In December 2020, Hua Hong Technology held a meeting to kick off the company's middle-level capacity building, at which each participant was given two books, "The Way of Doing" and "The Effective Manager". The middle-level capacity enhancement has been opened for half a year, three of the leaders have been promoted to the top, but they will continue to follow all the courses together, which is the respect for the company's activities, but also the high importance of their minds, which also verifies the "sustained power" spoken by Kazuo Inamori in Chapter 4, and it is certain that they move from It is certain that they did not achieve the extraordinary from the ordinary to the extraordinary overnight, and must have made efforts no less than those of ordinary people.

The meeting was chaired by Mr. Xu Yufeng, Director of Human Resources and Administration

01Introduction of the book sharing session "The Way of Doing


                                                                                     Xu Yufeng, Director of Personnel and Administration

During the sharing session, the head of HR and Administration gave a brief introduction to the 6 chapters, conclusion and appendix of "The Way of Doing Things".

The Way of Doing" is a heartfelt work by Japanese entrepreneur Kazuo Inamori, who summarized his decades of work experience and actively explored the fundamental meaning of work. He believes that "work is to spend a valuable life", and if you understand the meaning of work and devote yourself to work, you can have a happy life. He said that "work is the cure for all diseases", and through work, one can overcome all kinds of difficulties and trials and make one's life work.

We believe that our ability will be improved with continuous learning and practice.

02Reciting the "Dry Law

The five students, Wang Hengyu, Minister of Marketing, Fu Jie, Minister of R&D, Zhou Peiding, Vice Minister of HR and Administration, Wu Rong, Director of General Workshop 2, and Sun Xijian, Minister of Naxin Process Quality, recited their impressive chapters.

03Read the "Dry Law" to talk about their feelings

Five trainees, Lu Jiandong (Wu Jianfeng's deputy), technical director Chen Hong, deputy director of quality department Bian Hairong, NAXIN financial manager Zhang Yuan and Qin Fu, director of gold workshop, talked about their feelings with their own positions.

Lu Jiandong: After-sales service department, is our company directly facing customers, maintaining the brand of Hua Hong Technology a department. The customer's impression of Hua Hong Technology, one is the quality of our products, the other is the work of the after-sales service department. After-sales service work is good or bad, directly affects the customer's evaluation of Hua Hong Technology. In the future, we should strengthen the targeted training activities, with the aim of cultivating sharp service personnel who can stand alone and solve difficult problems. This is the influence of the Huahong Technology brand, Huahong Technology product awareness, is a direct customer facing publicity and promotion.

Chen Hong: details determine success or failure, attitude determines everything. Doing things with force, you can get things done; doing things with your brain, you can make things; doing things with your heart, you can do things well.

Bian Hairong: Quality is the essence of the enterprise, the lifeblood of the enterprise, with the quality assurance to have the quantity. Mr. Inamori wrote in the fifth chapter of the "dry method": "to complete a product, 99% of the effort is not enough, a little mistake, a little negligence, a little sloppy can not be allowed, at all times to pursue 100% perfectionism". For example, in our drawing control, after the joint efforts of all departments, the situation of old and new drawings has been greatly improved, but sometimes an old drawing still pops up, so we have to pursue "perfection" and put in 100% effort, and to grasp the drawing is also to grasp the source of one of the good.

Zhang Yuan: Through Mr. Inamori's self-statement, he explained to us the meaning of work, how to make ourselves love work, how to set goals, work hard every day, persevere, pursue perfection, study and innovate to do a good job, and to have a positive way of thinking.

Qin Fu: The goal is the source of motivation, at present I set a goal for myself: break through the bottleneck, quality and quantity, and serve the general assembly. When I reflect on it every day and when my goal is blocked  moving forward, I think to myself: Since I have set a plan, I must achieve it. Mr. Kazuo Inamori said, "If you have a pure, good, and strong desire, and if you put in as much effort as anyone else, then any difficult goal will surely be achieved.

04General Manager's speech


General Manager Hu Pinlong

The general manager expressed his appreciation and support for holding this middle-level ability reading and sharing session. As the enterprise keeps developing and growing, we as managers should keep pace with the development of the enterprise and believe that our ability will be improved with continuous learning and practice. For the "dry method", talked about their thoughts.

We really put into the learning activities, read the main points of the book, some students combined with their own work to talk about their own phase method, learning to apply, share the meaning of the book, "dry method", the method of work. The backbone of the company should constantly improve themselves and develop themselves, from meeting the needs of survival to meeting the pursuit of a high quality of life, by working hard to reach the highest level. People and people directly do the same job with differences,  the differences come from, from the dry method, thinking, aspiring, the pursuit of different, the results of the work is different.

How to do a good job, every do the same job, do a line, learn a line, do a line, drill a line, establish the highest goal, determine the goal never give up, will eventually achieve the goal. As a business manager, the goal is in the present, around the goal, how to do the best in the post, do a good job first from the thinking to change, from the mind to adapt to the needs of the work, determine the work goals, full commitment, so that the work will be better and better.

"A person's ability has a size, as long as there is a spirit, is a noble person." The human mind determines the human work, and whether the human mind is noble or not determines the ability to work. Be a good employee with morality, ability and love for work.

The book "The Way of Doing" is not deep to read, and it is repeatedly emphasizing how Inamori loves his work, how he is fascinated by his work, and how he is devoted to his work. Through the study, I hope our students can do the following: first, do their own work according to their job responsibilities; second, recognize what they can do again, the process should emphasize team consciousness, reduce individual heroism, and take the initiative to do the work that can be done; again, dare to undertake challenging work; finally, insist on self-reflection and learning, be brave to innovate, and strive to make a little progress every day.